Welcome to NATAR 2014! Call or Text Name & location to 08033036140 for FREE Transportation to Venue and Reservation.

WELCOME TO NATAR 2014 Theme: Supernatural Favour

NATAR "Now All Things Are Ready" is a gathering of God's precious people, for a divine encounter that will deliver each one's expectation in all ramifications, through the WORD OF FAITH. This is a mandate borne out of dedicated stewardship, when I heard the voice of God in April 1998 that said unto me. This Rhema was what gave birth to what we are seeing today, a mighty work with God's Hands upholding it.

It is a Holy Convocation where God descends in the fullness of His Power, to break every stronghold of delay, curses and affliction of the enemy, to bring about victory and unending joy. This year Natar is themed: "Supernatural Favour". By this Encounter, the Lord will remove every affliction that has caused shame and give you double honour in Jesus' name. Experience lifting!
You Will Get There!